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Alloy Wheel Polish Kit


The best products for your Alloy Wheels include an aluminum /alloy wheel polishing kit, wheel rim wax, alloy cleaner and aluminium polish are all listed below.

" Our 250ml and 500ml metal polishes are the best value "

If your alloys have already been polished and they still don't shine as they need to then you need the MAXIMUM shine and PROTECTION you will get from the Aluminium & Premium polishing kit.

Alloy wheel polish kit contains 3 great metal polishes and a " FREE set " of micro fiber polishing cloths.

" The ultimate alloy & chrome wheel cleaning, metal polishing kit and metal restoration system"  it's designed to be real easy to use and will polish all alloy, chrome and billet aluminium wheels to absolute perfection. The Briliant Alloy wheel / aluminium metal polishing kit is highly concentrated, so these metal polishes will cover a much larger area than any other metal polishing kit, use sparingley to get the best results you have ever seen on alloys, chrome, aluminium wheels and ALL metal parts on any cars, trucks and motorcycles.

1. Metal restorer use this metal polish first to clean and remove oxidization on alloy / aluminium wheels & fuel tanks. Also available as a single product here.

2.  Briliant Aluminium & stainless steel metal polish it's the best aluminium & stainless steel polish, provides an incredible long lasting shine on aluminium tanks ( trucks ) crankcases, gear levers, front forks, alloy wheels, stainless steel rims and so much more, then finish polishing with the Premium metal polish. Also available as an individual product here.

3. Briliant Premium metal polish (apply last to obtain the perfect shine). Both metal polishes leave a deposit of wax protection which is applied by each of the polishes as they are used, so a protective layer is administred by both polishes, the Premium metal polish is the ultimate metal finishing polish to use after the Briliant aluminium polish, this will acheive the ultimate, longest lasting shine on all metal surfaces. Also available as an individual product here

The Briliant metal polish and sealant is used to protect polished metal from re oxidising and to keep a Briliant long lasting shine that lasts for many months in all weather conditions, offers maximum protection against road salt and brake dust.

The best alloy wheel polishing kit, it's a great way to remove oxidization, brake dust, road salt and provides a level of protection which leaves your alloy wheels looking perfect........alloy wheel and alloy fuel tank polishing at it's very best. Once you have used all of these products extra layers of protective wax are then deposited on your alloy wheels, fuel tanks and all alloy parts, thus leaving the deepest, the most amazing and longest lasting shine possible !