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Aluminium Polish


Briliant Aluminium Polish is the best aluminium polish to acheive amazing results when you need to polish aluminium. This alloy polish forms a major part of our very popular aluminium polishing kit which is very versatile and the aluminium polish is included in our Alloy wheel polishing kit for cleaning aluminium rims and for use on modern alloy wheels or Vintage Rolls Royce as above ( before polishing on right side of car bonnet and after on left side of car bonnet ) Our Chrome hot environment chrome polish was also used to clean the other metal parts under the bonnet on this beautiful motor car.

" Our 250ml and 500ml metal polishes are the best value "

Free set of polishing cloths with every polishing kit

This is the best aluminium polish for your Harley, Triumph, Classic Cars and Motorcycles you will ever find. This polish enjoys a huge reputation for durability and a final shine to beat all comers. It's real easy to apply, covers a large area, removes all oxidization and residue, can be used by hand or polishing mop, polishes out scratches and delivers a long lasting shine on all aluminium parts including alloy wheels, alloy fuel tanks, rocker covers, engine casings, front forks, swing arms and a whole lot more.

So if you are looking to acheve the perfect shine then this is the best aluminium polish and aluminium cleaner you can possibly find at any price !