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Auto 3 Pack Metal Polish Kit

The best metal polish for complete metal restoration on all metals including aluminum, chrome & nickel and the best metal polishing kit for the automotive market. 

Automotive 3 pack metal polishing kit should be used in the following order, it contains:

1. Metal restorer and metal polish allows you to easily remove heavy tarnish, oxidization, shows you how to remove rust, water marks and discoloration on all neglected metal surfaces.

2. Aluminium & Stainless Steel metal polish the favourite metal polish of Beaulieu,The National Motor Museum, this aluminium polish shows you how to clean aluminium and obtain an amazing depth of shine and show quality finish on Aluminium & Stainless steel.
3. Chrome / Hot Environment metal polish, a wonderful chrome polish which shows you how to clean chrome and is very affective in removing exhaust blueing and achieves a magnificent shine on all chrome and metal parts that are difficult to clean and affected by extreme heat.