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Steam 3 Pack Brass Polish


This Briliant steam restoration pack is recommended by David & Mandy Ragsdale. "We are very proud to use the Brass & copper metal polish to help maintain the beautiful 'Princess Of Wales' traction / steam engine at The Great Dorset and other important steam fairs since 2003 "

The best Brass & Copper metal restoration polishes in the world are all here in one polishing kit.

These polishes are designed to remove rust, tarnish and oxidization, oil and tar deposits from both hot and cold Brass & copper metal surfaces with the greatest of ease. Thereafter re-polishing is not needed so often, so it's very quick and easy to do, leaving you more time and freedom to sit back and enjoy yourself.

Steam 3 pack metal polishing kit includes:
1. Metal polish & restorer nothing cleans better and prepare the metal surface for perfection

2. Brass & Copper metal polish ( designed for use on all Brass & copper metal surfaces that stay cold )

3. Hot chrome Environment metal polish ( designed for use on all Brass & copper that gets hot ) on steam engines and under the bonnet on Brass and Copper fuel pipes etc on vintage cars.


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