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Sword Polishing Kit

Sword metal cleaning is easy if you're using the right polish The Briliant knife and sword metal cleaning kit is the easiest way to clean, protect and preserve high carbon steel and stainless steel knives, swords and daggers.

Use these Sword polishes Protect your knives and swords from:

* tarnish
* oxidisation
* dampness
* corrosion
* rust
* ambient temperature changes

The Briliant Knife and Sword Metal Polishing Kit contains:

* 1 Briliant Metal Restorer
* 1 Briliant Stainless & Carbon Steel Cleaner
* 1 Renaissance wax preservative 65ml

Instructions for use:

When cleaning your swords or knives, start of with the Metal polish & Restorer to clean and remove unsightly blemishes, or oxidisation. Next, use our the Briliant Aluminium & stainless steel metal polish this shows you how to remove rust and to provide a real mirror finish. Once this is done apply the Renaissance wax as this will protect the metal surfaces on your knives and swords from moisture and adverse atmospheric conditions.


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