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Alloy Wheel Polishing Kit


The Alloy Wheel Polishing Kit is for solid alloy & billet aluminium wheels and designed to clean, polish and protect unpolished or neglected alloy wheels that have not been polished for a while.....

If they have been already polished and have no shine on them and you need the MAXIMUM shine and PROTECTION then order the Aluminium & Premium polishing kit.

1. Metal restorer use this polish first to clean and remove oxidization on alloy / aluminium wheels & fuel tanks. Also available as a single product here.

2.  Briliant Aluminium & stainless steel metal polish it's the best aluminium & stainless steel polish, provides an incredible long lasting shine on aluminium tanks ( trucks ) crankcases, gear levers, front forks, alloy wheels, stainless steel rims and so much more, then finish polishing with the Premium metal polish. Also available as an individual product here.

3. Briliant Premium metal polish (apply last to obtain the perfect shine). Both metal polishes leave a deposit of wax protection which is applied by each of the polishes as they are used, so a protective layer is administred by both polishes, the Premium metal polish is the ultimate metal finishing polish to use after the Briliant aluminium polish, this will acheive the ultimate, longest lasting shine on all metal surfaces. Also available as an individual product here

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