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Why should we buy your range of polishing products ?

First of all please take a look at our testimonial pages, each and everyone of these customer endorsements are verifiable and completely true. In fact we try to show an understated view of our metal & paint cleaning products as the compliments we recieve are nothing short of marvellous.

Why are your polishes reputed to be better, don't take our word for it..... ask around ?

Well we make sure they are produced using ONLY the finest quality ingrediients. We don't do cheap grinding pastes that dry up and come out of the tube when you tread on them and our products really will polish out the scratches that most other polishes leave behind and best of all they will impart the deepest, longest lasting shine that you will ever find !

Why do they cost more than some of the other polishes on the market ?

Quality does cost more and if what goes into making a quality polishing product is unique, then the outcome is a better longer lasting product that does the job first time every time, after all what car or bike do you drive, we bet it's not an old Reliant robin !

How much is delivery ?

For ALL UK customers the cost of shipping is a set cost of only £ 3.50 for any size of order !

For trade / resellers shipping costs are dependant on the value of your order.

Can I order from overseas ?

Yes you can for larger orders please email / call us for shipping costs.

Please note if you need your order for guaranteed next day delivery please call 07789 286821

Which delivery systems do you use ?

We mostly use signed for delivery services like Royal mail recorded and Interlink as most of our customers order larger quantities / higher value products and as such these will need to be signed for.

Are all of your products manufactured in the UK ?

Yes they are and we take great pride in this and furthermore we do our level best to supply as many museums as we can, thus helping to preserve our national heritage for future generations to enjoy.

Which metal surfaces can your products be used on ?

They will polish and restore every type of metal, including aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, nickel, german silver, gold, silver, titanium, brass, copper and bronze.

What types of paint work can your products be used on ?

All types including new paint work, clear coat, metallic and vintage / older paint work.

Does your jewellers rouge polish really remove scratches on glass ?

Yes in most instances this product will, the rule of thumb though is if you rub your nail across the scratch and it catches then the scratch may not come out, although it will significantly help reduce any scratches.

Will your alloy wheel kit clean and protect my alloy and chrome wheels ?

Yes not only will this kit clean and restore all alloy & chrome wheels this product will leave all of your wheels gleaming bright and protected from the elements.

What do you recommend for lacqered wheels and painted surfaces ?

Our detailing spritz is an incredible cleaner on this type of surface and will remove flies & bugs and leave a protective polymer film that really does last !

Thank you for reading FAQ, if you still have more questions regarding our high quality cleaning products please contact us by email.