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How To Clean Chrome Wheels

Clean the wheels thoroughly before attempting to polish them. Pull your car into a shaded area and allow the rims to cool completely to prevent brake dust from bonding with the chrome finish. Spray the rims with cool water to wash away any sand, salt, or brake dust and apply wheel cleaner according to the directions on the packaging. Allow the cleaner to remain on the wheel for up to three minutes and gently scrub the rim with a soft bristled brush. Be sure to rinse the chrome finish well to remove cleaner residue and corrosives from hard-to-reach areas of the wheel.

Dry the chrome wheels with a soft cloth to prevent water spots that can make your rims look dirty and old.

Apply a thin layer of chrome wheel polish. Choose a wheel polish that’s specially formulated for chrome wheels to achieve maximum shine and protection. While stronger chrome polishing products are available for rust removal, they are not recommended for chrome wheel finishes. Instead opt for a polish that is labeled “all chrome” to polish your chrome wheels. Apply the polish evenly over the entire wheel using a soft sponge or a plush polishing applicator. Pay close attention to nooks and crevices along the rim where corrosives may build up.

Allow the chrome wheel polish to dry to a haze and gently buff it away using a clean, soft, terrycloth towel and gentle pressure. The wheels should sparkle and shine like new after just one application.

Apply sealant or wheel wax to your wheels after you polish them to reduce static and minimize brake dust buildup. Simply apply the sealer, allow it to dry, and use a soft cloth to buff the wheel. This added protection will help make it easier to clean and polish your wheels next time.