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How To Polish A Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Cleaning and polishing a Harley Davidson motorcycle with Briliant metal polish can be a rewarding experience when you invest a liitle time and effort, so make a good start by using good cleaning techniques and high quality cleaning products so you can acheive the best results possible in the least amount of time.

The best products to use are polishes that are highly concentrated and contain micro abrasives. Our Harley polish offers the best cleaning products for this job as they will never damage any surface on your Harley Davidson Motorcycle, in fact they WILL remove minor blemishes and scratches that other polishes can leave behind. The products described herewith are designed to give wonderful professional results that anyone can acheive, so cleaning your Harley can be cost effective and enjoyable when you use the best possible cleaning products to make your Harley really shine!

Make sure you are prepared

The benefits of cleaning your bike yourself are tremendous, you'll get personal satisfaction from your efforts and your gleaming motorcycle will turn heads wherever you go. Before you start cleaning your motorcycle make sure that the ground is firm and you have everything to hand including enough space to comfortably and safely work in.

Take care not to scratch your Harley or get burnt

Make sure you remove your rings and jewellery and dont wear your motorcycle jacket, belt buckle or leave your zip exposed, because if you lean over or against your bike to clean it you can easily scratch your motorcycle. Be warned cleaning your bike when it's hot or in direct sunlight is not advisable as exhausts and rocker covers can and will burn you!

Step 1.   Get all your materials together in one place

You'll need the following tools and polishing materials in order to polish the metal parts, wheels and paint work on your Harley Davidson Motorcycle:

  • Shampoo
  • Bike cleaner / degreaser
  • Chrome & Aluminium polish
  • Ultra fine brush / tooth brushes
  • Sponge, hose and bucket of warm clean water
  • Polishing wax
  • Polishing cloths & Micro fiber polishing cloths

Step 2.   Preparation is everything when cleaning your Harley

Before you can polish your Harley Davidson, you'll first need to prepare the bike adequately, you'll need to wash your Harley properly before you begin to polish otherwise the polish will not adhere to  all the surfaces as it should and you may scratch your Harley....... and that may prove costly.

Wash and cleaning your Harley

Firstly apply our car & bike cleaner, spray this into all the nooks and crannies, engine compartment and onto the wheels, this will remove dirt and loose debris and any solied or oily parts can be agitated with a soft brush or tooth brush to clean them. Now leave for 5 minutes then hose the bike down before the bike cleaner dries. Now it's time to fill your bucket with some warm clean water and add a good quality shampoo, using a soft clean sponge wash your bike down, when finished remove the shampoo with clean water. Then use a chamois leather to dry off the water from the exposed parts of your motorcycle.

Step 3.   Now it's time to polish the metal ( better get your sunglasses ready )

Start with the aluminium parts first as they take a little longer to polish than the chrome. Using a polishing cloth or pad apply a small amount of Briliant aluminium polish to the aluminium parts you are cleaning, first polish in a circular manner and finish polishing in a straight line, you will then see the beauty of your aluminium & chrome come shining through, once you have finished polishing use a micro fiber cloth to acheive a Briliant shine. Now for the chrome apply the Briliant chrome polish to ALL the chrome, although chrome is hard it only needs a soft polish to bring out the beauty of the chrome on your Harley Davidson Motorcycle. If you have a custom Harley Davidson and want  to use the finest polshes available and enter your bike into a show please go to the  Zeppelin polishes page.

Now to add an even greater depth of shine use the Briliant Premium metal polish on both the aluminium and chrome metal surfaces, now you will need to reach for those sun glasses ! You can of course use the briliant metal polishes with a polishing mop placed in the end of a drill or use a professional polishing machine for EVEN BRIGHTER and quicker results.

Step 4.  Polishing your paint work

To create a great shine on your paint work apply our polish and wax in straight lines, then leave for a few minutes to dry to a haze and polish off with a clean micro fiber cloth. To enhance the depth of shine and longevity of finish on your wheels you can apply additional coats of our polish and wax to your wheels, then polish off with a micro fiber cloth. This will help to enhance the overall appearance of your wheels, typically one or two coats of this polish is what we recommend in order to create a high gloss shine and offer maximum protection on your aluminium or chrome wheels.


All of these products for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle are available on this web site.