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How To Polish Aluminium

Polishing Aluminium by hand

Aluminium polishing is very theraupetic as once you acheived wonderfull results you can sit back and admire your work.

For Aluminium surfaces that are in good order our Aluminium and Stainless steel polish will certainlly do the trick for you. If the Aluminium you are looking to restore is badly oxidized then you will need to use the Metal restorer first followed by the Aluminium polish.

Stage 1: Briliant Metal Restorer ( only need if aluminium has been neglected / oxidized )
Stage 2: Briliant Aluminium & Stainless Steel Polish
Stage 3: Briliant Premium Metal Polish & Micro Fibre Polishing Cloth

Liquid polishes like ours tend to perform better than pastes because they allow you to use the oxidisation that you remove as an abrasive. This means not rolling or turning your applicator cloth as the residue appears, but rubbing it in and making the residue work for you.

The oxidisation you release will be no coarser than the abrasive. Hand polishing should be smooth and directionally consistent. If places are hard to get into by all means employ a tooth brush, but wrap the bristles with cloth or they'll scratch your finish. Another trick for getting into tight areas is to trim down an iced lollipop stick and wrap that with soft cloth. Make sure you tear the labels off of your cloths (if using old teeshirts) as they can scratch like you wouldn't believe. It is easiest to do about a quarter of the wheel at a time, and this normally gets the best results. So don't go crazy and do it all in one hit (you'll probably get hazy bits if you do).

When you are happy with the results and have an even shine over the whole wheel, stage 2 is to continue polishing with our Aluminium & Stainless polish metal polish which will quickly increase the intensity of the shine on the wheel, again use soft cotton cloth to apply and finish buffing with a micro fiber cloth.

Stage 3 finishes the process by using our Premium Metal Polish to acheive the deepest possible shine. Then finish polishing with a micro fibre polishing cloth or micro fiber mop this will leave you with gleaming mirror finish alloy wheels..... polishing aluminium & alloy wheels has never been easier, nor has the shine ever lasted so long.