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How To Polish Zinc

Chrome Polish and hot environment is a superb chrome, nickel and zinc polish first and foremost.
It is good at removing bluing from chrome and gold from stainless exhausts.
Excellent polish for use on Zinc and any metals that have to endure extreme heat
Ultra-fine, gentle abrasives won't scratch the chrome, nickel and zinc.
Chromium is generally only 18 to 30 millionths of an inch thick.
The nickel you see shining underneath it, might be up to a thousandth.
Don't polish your chrome away with coarse products.
Our Chrome polish will make it gleam but won't hurt it.
Easy to apply,
Easy to remove,
Super economical,
This is the finest chrome polish on the market.
Super, long lasting finish.
Super gentle.
Like all our products, it is pH balanced.