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How to Use Briliant Metal Polishes

Many years of experience have helped us to develop a unique range of specific metal polishes to repair alloy wheels, polish aluminum, polish chrome, clean brass, bronze, polish stainless steel, copper, nickel, chrome, silver, in fact every metal you are ever likely to encounter. Alloy car wheels can be polished and restored using the

Briliant alloy wheel polishing kit. These polishes are recommended by alloy wheel restorers, alloy wheel refurbishers, aluminium polishers, classic car & bike clubs, custom bike manufacturers, concourse competitors and enthusiasts. Many famous museums rely on our aluminium polish & chrome polish to maintain and protect their precious automotive and motorcycle collections.

We offer technical advice and services to both professional polishing shops and hobbyists alike. Briliant metal polishes are highly concentrated, so they polish a larger area and last so much longer when you clean aluminium, stainless steel exhausts, alloy wheels, chrome, nickel and titanium on classic cars, classic motorcycles.


Briliant metal polishes should be applied with lint free cloths or T shirt type cotton. Apply our metal polish in tight overlapping circles, polishing small areas to 8 X8 inches at a time. Keep using the applicator / lint free cloth as long as it is moist, DO NOT turn it because it is black or dirty, as you will see the luster appearing under the residue, before the residue dries, remove this with a micro fiber cloth in a straight line or follow the bodywork to remove the residue and finish buffing in straight lines too. When you have achieved the desired finish, do the next area, once the entire piece has been polished and cleaned, finish buffing with a good quality micro fiber cloth which can be found on this web site.

Using a polishing mop:

Simply apply the metal polish to the surface to be polished, let it dry for a few moments and apply the mop to the metal surface, the polishing mop then absorbs the metal polish, so less polish is used and thus proves more cost effective to use in this way.

Polishing pastes are a product that do not have the advantage of a liquid polish as these tend to dry out, leave white marks and DO NOT achieve the same briliant finish and consequently prove far more costly to use than our products.

Our paint polishes contain the highest quality Carnauba wax which provides the deepest wet look shine and superior long lasting protection. The polymer based detailing spritz is ideal as a car valet product and provides great results on all painted surfaces, aluminium, chrome and offers great value for money as each product is very economical to use and lasts so much longer than other polishing products.

For painted surfaces use a good applicator, apply in an up and down motion and finish polishing with a good quality micro fiber cloth. Purchase online today and acquire the finest metal & paint polishes available anywhere in the world.