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How to use Renaissance wax

Renaissance Wax is a micro-crystalline wax that has been specifically blended to have a crystalline structure that is much finer than totally natural waxes (such as beeswax or carnauba wax) which makes it highly moisture resistant.

Easy to apply, Renaissance Wax needs only to be lightly and evenly applied to a surface and then gently buffed to full lustre with either the use of a soft, lint-free cloth or a soft wax polishing brush. When dried the wax forms a hard film that isn't sticky like oil and protects against not only moisture and other environmental pollutants but also damage from handling resulting from the natural acidity of the human touch. The matured film has a silk-smooth feel that is comfortable to handle but is also clear and offers no loss in clarity, ensuring that no fine surface detail is obscured. Surfaces protected by Renaissance Wax are easily cleaned of any greasy dirt from handling by gently rubbing them with a soft rag dampened with paraffin; or as an alternative, warm water with a little liquid soap. Removing the wax film is also simple as the film can be completely removed by rubbing with white spirit.

Because of these properties Renaissance Wax has found a wide variety of uses amongst a large number of trades in both industrial and hobbyist uses. Amongst furniture makers and sculptors Renaissance Wax is used to protect wood from damage from use or handling while at the same time delicately enhancing the grain or 'flame' patterns of the wood. Makers and restorers of string instruments find the wax an ideal way to protect the varnish of instruments from human contact and also from sticky residue from rosin. Interiors and exteriors of cars can be protected with Renaissance Wax; every surface from the exterior paint and rubber seals to interior leather trim can be protected from damage by the hardwearing wax film with no loss of lustre. Additionally, Renaissance Wax is prized by museum curators and professional restores for its excellent protective qualities and its acid-free nature, allowing it to protect the most sensitive of materials without damaging them, such as protecting historic arms and armor from corrosion or historic photographs from environmental damage. Renaissance Wax is an excellent sealer for gold and silver leaf where protection is required.

When applied correctly - in thin layers - Renaissance Wax is extremely economical in comparison with ordinary commercial waxes. In room temperature, with the can firmly capped, Renaissance Wax has a shelf-life of many years and will remain in perfect condition long after other waxes have caked hard become useless.