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Metal Polishing

When you get down to restoring or polishing most metals and painted surfaces, there is a wealth of information available on the internet about the subject of polishing both metal and paint work for all sorts of applications. If you have been through the various and we hope interesting information on the Briliant polishes web site it should be clear that we really do make the best products for you to acheive the best possible results each and every time.

Each product is backed with sound working knowledge regarding metal cleaners and many years of polishing experience, this we hope will help you make an informed decision as to which products will be cost effective and allow you to obtain the best possible results on any polishing project.

Naturally apart from putting your faith in the Briliant products range we aim to make you further aware of the true benefits of using our high quality polishing and restoration products.

* Briliant metal polishes are highly concentrated to go further and do not leave any residue, white marks or stains on metal or paint work and will not stain clothes or upholstery and in the event of a spillage will easily wash out with clean water.

* Polishing pastes for the most part are abrasive and can easily scratch metal surfaces and stop metals from shining the surface they are applied to, this can be costly and time consuming to put right.

* Briliant metal polishes by volume can actually polish a far greater area than any other metal polish and when you polish for the first time the results are very impressive, especially when you find the finish will outlast all other polishes, so the need for constant re polishing certainlly diminishes.