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Metal Polishing Kits

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Briliant polishes are manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen using unique formulas and the finest quality ingredients. Years of research and the strive for perfection have enabled us to provide you with the ultimate metal polishes, car and bike polishes and surface care products to clean and repair alloy wheels, restore chrome and polish aluminium to perfection for automotive, motorcycle, car valet , antique, household and industrial applications.

Our customers have found our aluminium polish and chrome metal polishes are an essential part of our   metal polishing kits and are the must have products for those whom seek absolute perfection for ALL metal and painted surfaces on classic cars, classic motorcycles, trucks, custom cars, custom bikes, trikes, hot rods and motorcycles.

If you need advice at anytime on which product would be best suited to your needs please do not hesitate to call us at your convenience anytime on 0845 299 6442 or 07789 286821  or use the contact form here.