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Metal Polishing Tips

Metal polishing tips / How to polish metal

To get into all the nooks and crannies on ALL metal surfaces we recommend you USE a rechargable electric toothbrush, these are cheap to buy and get wonderful results when used with our polishes.

Briliant metal polishes are designed to help you get the best possible results for your time and effort when you polish chrome, clean brass and polish aluminium. When polishing metal there are always things to be taken into consideration which makes life easier, healthier, safer, quicker or basically delivers better results when polishing aluminium, cleaning chrome, polishing stainless steel, brass & copper.

  • Carry out as much work as possible on your metal object before you start polishing with briliant metal polishes.
  • Set aside a clean and tidy area to carry out your metal polishing
  • Try hard to maintain your work area to avoid accidents / mishaps / and generally messing up your polishing.
  • Avoid smoking or any other naked flame in a fume or dust laden atmosphere. Dust explosions are often fatal.
  • Clean up your metal piece between stages with alcohol to remove dirt and residue from compounds.
  • Use polishing cloths that have no labels and preferably no sewn edges.
  • When you are polishing large pieces, do small areas at a time, it's faster and more consistent.
  • When you do a final polish, clean up & polish using micro fiber cloths.
  • Waxes over chrome is not a good idea because it produces a hazy appearance.
  • Buff lines can be removed with flour or sodium bicarbonate.
  • Remove surplus waxes and polishes from seams, pit marks or awkward to get at places with flour.
  • Mist your final buffing with a light misting of water and buff it again. This seals both metals and waxes and helps reduce water stains from rain and condensation
  • Always use top quality soft micro fiber cloths for your final buffing.
  • Use light pressure, especially on polishing strokes when power buffing. It reduces scratches.
  • Don't use anhydrous solvents, ammonia or acids, or polishes that contain them when you polish Aluminium, Brass, Copper or Bronze. They eat Zinc and attack most alloys. Brass is Zinc and copper, it is normally present in aluminium, it is used to make many steels and alloys less corrosive.
  • Always try to make finishing strokes with machines or by hand in the direction of the grain if the metal is rolled.
  • If you use electrical tools make sure there is a RCD (Residual Current Device) in the line.
  • If you use air tools drain your tanks regularly.
  • Patience is a virtue when it comes to polishing metal. It will show.
  • Always wear safety glasses when working with power tools.
  • Always use liquid polishes, pastes, paint strippers, solvents, etc. in well ventilated areas.
  • Never remove oil, grease, buffing compound from the skin with solvents, mineral spirits, gasoline, kerosene, alcohol or similar chemicals.
  • Avoid particulate absorption of metals - they are readily taken in through the skin and lungs.
  • The easiest way to reduce contamination is to polish in the open air and in areas where the is a cross-flow of air


Please remember many years of experience and product development have gone into Briliant metal polishes and this knowledge is available for you at anytime you may wish to contact us on 0845 299 6442 / 07789 286821