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Polishing Metal


Polishing metal is easy when you use the correct metal polishes.

Nothing comes close to the performance of our unique motorcycle polish kit and auto 3 pack metal polish kit. These metal polishing products are easy to use and obtains instant results that are plain to see on all classic and modern motorcycles, classic cars and custom vehicles. Harley Davidson & Triumph owners have been using this polishing kit now for over 7 years and this has won great acclaim amongst motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages. Briliant polishes leave no white marks and will remove residue and sctratches left by other less impressive polishes.

This motorcycle polish kit contains:

1. Aluminium & Stainless Steel Metal Polish, the favourite metal polish of Beaulieu, the National Motor Museum, provides an amazing depth of shine and finish on all Aluminium & Stainless steel, go to Beaulieu, The  National Motor Museum and see for your self exactly how our fine metal polishes keep those magnificent machines in perfect condition in all weather throughout the year.

2. Chrome / Hot Environment Metal Polish. Very effective in removing exhaust blueing and achieves a magnificent shine on all chrome and metal parts that are difficult to clean and affected by extreme heat. All of our metal polishes leave behind a protective film to keep chrome in perfect condition.

3. Premium Metal Polish. Simply produces sensational results, nothing lasts longer or obtains a better shine on all metal surfaces.

Take first prize at classic bike events be the envy of your friends and competitors!

The Motorcycle 3 pack metal polishing kit should be used in the following order: start with either the Aluminium or the Chrome Hot Environment and then finish off with the Premium metal polish to achieve the optimium shine. The original and still the best Motorcycle chrome polish and aluminium polish....the best metal restoration system that money can buy………. Nothing even comes close!